How to Land Brand Partnerships and Everything You Need To Know To Make Them A Success! 



We're Going To Teach You Everything We Know About Working With Brands!

How to leverage your skills and following on Instagram to land brand partnerships

How to create pitching materials that will make you stand out

How to optimize your Instagram account to attract brand clients

How to create content for brands and deliver true value

How to create pitches that will get a brand's attention

How to ensure the brand partnership is a success


We got you covered and are going to set you up for success!

We get it, landing brand partnerships is HARD WORK. As you're scrolling on Instagram you see tons of people working with brands and can't figure out WHY NOT YOU! That's where we come in! You see, working with brands is SO much more than meets the eye so we will be diving deep into not only how to land brand partnerships but once you seal the deal, how to make them a success!

What's really special about this Brand Partnership Workshop is you'll be learning from experts on all sides of the brand partnership equation. From the Influencer perspective, to the Content Creator perspective, to the Brand perspective, you'll have a 360 degree look at what it really takes to work with brands!

In the 6 hour workshop, we'll be covering:

  • How to optimize your Instagram account to be attractive to brands 
  • How to leverage your following or skills to land brand partnerships
  • How to stand out when pitching to brands
  • All of the different materials you need to pitch to brands
  • How to create content for brands that they will love
  • Expert tips and tricks to give you confidence when working with brands

We've Partnered With These Global Brands

And We're Going to Teach You How You Can Too!

The Workshop Details...What You Need To Know!

This 6 hour workshop combines years of experience and thousands of hours of creating content for brands, designing influencer marketing campaigns for brands and promoting brands on Instagram.

You'll learn from industry professionals who work with brands and want to teach you everything they know! This Brand Partnership Workshop will be packed with SO MUCH valuable information in one three hour live training that you're going to feel confident and professional when working with brands!

Not only will you be learning from our years of experience so you can reach your goals FASTER, but you'll be able to connect and network with like-minded influencers and content creators from around the world!

This Value Packed Workshop is just $194 and Includes These Bonuses: 

  • Access to the Workshop Replay is until September 1, 2020
  • BONUS: Pitching Checklist
  • BONUS: Instagram Partnership Posting Checklist
  • BONUS: Shoot Preparation Checklist

“What if I am not an influencer or content creator yet, but still want to attend the workshop?”

That is totally fine! Everyone is welcome and we'd love to have you join us! If you're just starting out on your influencer or content creation journey, looking to take being an influencer or content creator more seriously, or even curious about what it takes for influencers and content creators to work with brands, then this is the perfect chance to get an inside look at the process!


Meet Your Instructors for the Brand Partnership Workshop

Nicole Isaacs (@nicoleisaacs)

The Influencer

Michael Moretti (@moretti)

The Content Creator

Nina Zadeh (@sidewalkerdaily)

The Influencer Marketing Expert

Nicole Isaacs is a full-time travel and lifestyle influencer with an Instagram following of over 280,000 people worldwide. In 2009, she launched her blog to share her travel experiences and passion for food, fashion and culture. Nicole now works with world-renowned brands such as Givenchy, Revolve, NARS, Neutrogena, Canon, and more. She has also been featured in major publications like FORBES, Cosmopolitan, Jetsetter and Travel & Leisure.

Prior to starting her blog, Nicole worked as a field producer for E! Entertainment network for five years. In 2015, she decided to leave her 9-5 at E!, and start traveling to create her own brand and focus on her blog full time. In 2016, she started her creative agency HungryApe, specializing in digital media content for brands, hotels, and tourism boards around the world.

Michael Moretti is a professional content creator that works with companies to design photo and video campaigns that create a true connection with the brand's clients and customers. Drawing on 27 years in the Hollywood Commercial Film Industry, Michael's cinematic approach to storytelling draws the audience into the experience, capturing the heart and soul of the locations or products in his photos and videos.

Leveraging his cult social media following, Michael also doubles as an influencer, working with brands on the other side of the camera. Michael has created content for industries such as tourism, fashion, beauty, automotive, and has worked with companies such as Neutrogena, Victorias Secret, Four Seasons, Hotel Shangri-La and more!

Nina Zadeh is the co-founder of Sidewalker Daily, an influencer marketing agency that works on both sides of the influencer industry. On one hand, Sidewalker Daily consults for brands and public relations firms on their influencer marketing initiatives and social media strategy and on the other, the company works with influencers and creators to help them build sustainable businesses online. Sidewalker Daily's unique position in the industry bridges the gap between brands and creators, to ensure every brand partnership is a win-win.

Sidewalker has worked on campaigns for Jetsetter (A Tripadvisor Company), Four Seasons and the Costa Rica Tourism Board, to name a few. Nina Zadeh received her MBA in marketing from Fordham University and has a B.A. in Communications and Economics from Boston College.


Our team was tasked to create a YouTube video for Jetsetter (A TripAdvisor company) covering travel to the gorgeous destination of French Polynesia. Produced by Sidewalker Daily and filmed by Michael Moretti, Nicole Isaacs takes the viewer around the islands of Bora Bora, Mo'orea, and Tahiti. Since its release on YouTube, the video has been a huge success, reaching over 360,000 views in just 7 months.

During the Workshop, we'll dive deep into this brand partnership case study and discuss what it took to create the Jetsetter video from start to finish. We'll discuss everything from production, to creating the video, to the editing process so you'll get a behind the scenes look at one of Jetsetter's most successful influencer brand partnerships!



How to Land Brand Partnerships and Everything You Need To Know To Make Them A Success!