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You Want To Make Money As A Creator But Have No Idea How To Start...

Tell us if this sounds like you....You're great at creating content on social media. You love all things being creative, but when it comes to making money and the "business side" you feel totally lost and overwhelmed.

Well guess what, in our Monetization Mindset Course, we're going to teach you TONS of different ways Creators and Influencers are making money in this space because there is NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL!

You'll leave this course with understanding all the options available for you, serious CLARITY on what ways work best for you and you'll have the tools you need to create a game plan so you can get started making money right away!

Can you imagine...

Creating content and actually setting yourself up to do this full-time by earning serious income? To make it into a business, that generates money for you every single month! Well guess what, this isn't a dream, this is exactly how are creators are able to pivot from "side-hustle" to full-time!


Diversifying Your Income Streams

We believe as a content creator and Influencer, you need more than just one way to make money, and we're going to walk you through the main ways your favorite creators and influencers are making serious cash!


Creating Content That Aligns With Your Monetization Goals

So many creators create for fun, but aren't thinking about how to make money in the long run. This course will get you into a monetization headspace so you can create with PURPOSE (i.e. content that will help you make money).


No longer being afraid to ask to get paid

One of the biggest issues with Creators is feeling that they are being "too salesy" or they don't deserve to get paid for their work. This course will give you the confidence you need because hey...everyone else is getting paid so it's time you get paid TOO!

If you're ready to make money as a creator, you're in the right place.

Creating content is cool and all, but making money doing what you love is the ultimate goal...are we right?!

You could:

  • Learn the different ways Creators are making money
  • Find the income streams that works for you
  • Start implementing strategies right away to get you started and paid!

When you use my monetization framework...

Confused about making money

Super clear about how to monetize

Afraid to come off salesy

Super confident in the value you provide

Only making money in one way

Having a variety of different income streams

If you're ready to transform from side-hustle to full-time creator but you need help figuring it out...

I created the MONETIZATION MINDSET course for YOU!

You're in-depth guide to setting up your business to make money now and long-term in the way that works best for you! Every step of this course was designed specifically for Influencers & Content Creators in every niche and on every platform (Instagrammer, Youtuber, Blogger, TikToker etc.)!

What's inside the Monetization Mindset Course?


Getting Into A Money Mindset

  • In this section, we'll go over some key mindset shifts you need to make (right away) to get you in a "making money" headspace!


Different Ways To Make Money

  • I'll cover all the different ways Influencers and Creators are monetizing and give you an overview on how to get started ASAP!


Making Money Moves

  • Learn how your competitors are making money (and you'll be surprised what you find with our methods)!
  • Come up with a game plan so you feel confident knowing how you're going to make money!

Meet Your Monetization Coach!

Nina Zadeh

Co-Founder of Sidewalker Daily

I've helped thousands of Influencers and Creators build sustainable businesses and build an income doing what they love (and yes, even with the amount of followers you have too!)

Since there's only one me, I've created the Monetization Mindset course to give you the complete system and strategies that I use to help my clients build multiple revenue streams and have full-time income.

I've managed over $100,000+ influencer campaign budgets and let me tell you, there is MONEY TO BE MADE in this industry and I can't wait to share with you everything I know!

This course is made for those who are willing to do the work to start making more money in their business (no I don't have a magic one does). I'm going to give you the information, tools and strategies you need to be successful and build your empire!


Community Testimonials

MIND BLOWN. This whole entire course (and community) has been super valuable, but this Monetization course for me was THE BEST. This course holds the keys to unlocking creative potential driven by established revenue streams. I'm floored. Thank you guys so much.

Martha | @luxepatriate

Enroll in the MONETIZATION MINDSET Course!

Over 3 Hours Of Expert Training on Making Money as an Influencer or Creator (Value: $864)

You'll get an in-depth overview of all the ways Creators and Influencers are making money in our industry, along with expert strategies and tips you need to get you started earning income ASAP!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Program Right For Me?

If you're an Influencer or Creator who is looking to start making money (or even making MORE money) in this new digital world, but not sure what to do or how to get started, you'll love this course. It's a birds eye view of all the different ways to make money, and will give you clarity on next steps you should take to get started.

Do I Need To Be Making Money Currently To Benefit

No, not at all. This course will help broaden your mindset, and show you the different ways Creators and Influencers are currently making money. Whether you're a newbie, or more advanced and looking to enter different income streams, there's something for everyone.

Is this course for a specific niche or platform?

This course is for every type of influencer or creator on social media and for every niche/industry. Whether you're an Instagrammer, TikToker, YouTuber, Content Creator etc. this course is for YOU! It was designed to be universal so the information, strategies and tools we cover can be applied to you and your business too!

Are you a perfect fit?

This course is for people who:

  • Want to make money as an influencer or creator with multiple revenue streams (not just brand partnerships).
  • Are willing to put in the time and work to set up their business for long-term monetization.
  • Want to commit to their influencer or content creator business for real and are tired of doing so much work for barely anything in return.

What A Monetization Mindset Student Has To Say About The Course.....

Enroll in the MONETIZATION MINDSET Course!

Over 3 Hours Of Expert Training on Making Money as an Influencer or Creator (Value: $864)

Start learning all of the ways Creators and Influencers are making money in our industry, along with expert strategies and tips to help you get started earning income ASAP!

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