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Free swag & exposure don't pay the bills. What you need is a roadmap to take your pitching skills to the next level so that you can turn your passion into your full-time business. I'll be answering questions like:

  • Why am I just getting collabs and not paid brand deals?
  • What materials should I be sending to a brand in my pitches?
  • What even goes inside my pitch emails?


"I used some of the advice seen here and was able to successfully pitch paid deals from both Amazon and Adobe in ONE DAY. One of which I was able to negotiate for 50% more in pay. This came after not being able to get cold pitches through in the past."

Pitching To Brands Training Designed By Industry Experts

Reasons Your Pitches Are Landing In the "No" Pile and How To Fix It

I'm the one who is reading real pitches as they come into my brand clients' inboxes and I'm the one who puts them in the "no" pile vs the "yes" pile. Learn the actual reasons you may be getting ghosted by brands! 

My Secret Strategy To Make Your Pitch Stand Out And Get A Response

After learning our signature pitching strategy you'll understand what it takes to get brands to say yes to your pitches. This method has been tested by hundreds of influencers and creators and trust us when we say, IT WORKS!

5 Pitching Materials You NEED If You Want To Get More Paid Brand Deals

The first step to being treated like a business is to SHOW that you are a business with professional pitching materials. I'll be covering what you need to make sure brands and agencies will take you seriously. 

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"I have gained an endless amount of tools that I continue to use on a day to day basis from pitching to brands and formally submitting a proposal to getting on a phone call with the marketing director at a resort property [...] from one creator to another, if you’re looking to take that next step, look no further"

- Miguel (@miguelfriasphoto)

Not only did SWD teach me the skills to put together an awesome media kit, pitch to brands, and engage my followers on social media, but—most importantly—I’ve since landed partnerships I never dreamed of being able to get and have seen real results in just a matter of months.

- Lauren (@travel_is_the_cure)

Meet Your Instructor

Nina Zadeh, MBA, Co-Founder of Sidewalker Daily

Hi Friends! I'm so excited to teach you everything you need to know when it comes to pitching to brands. I've managed HUNDRED THOUSANDS DOLLAR PLUS Influencer campaigns and want to share with you EXACTLY how you should be pitching to land paid brand deals.

I live for strategic partnerships and during my 10+ year career in digital marketing and social media, I've coordinated strategic partnerships with huge companies such as Wholefoods, Miami Heat, and FridaBaby to name a few.

I truly LOVE teaching what I know and I can't wait to share my pitching secrets with you! Get ready to not only learn during this video training, but to start making MOVES so you can land those paid brand deals!

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