Finally, the Influencer program you've been looking for. . . zero fluff, proven strategies and a community to keep you accountable to your goals!

It's your chance to build your dream biz and we'll be supporting you every step of the way.

Figuring out how to be a successful influencer or creator in this space ALL ALONE can be super overwhelming.

Your feed is probably flooded with influencers who make it look sooo easy - they have tons of likes and comments on every post and always seem to be living their best life.

You spend hours trying to figure out what to post and when you do you get crickets and sometimes even loose followers. UGH!

You're putting in the work but you're not seeing the results you want or making enough money and you are reaching a breaking point.

Does this all sound familiar? We want to keep it 100 with you - without a solid strategy, gameplan, and hype squad it's honestly almost impossible to reach your goals. Well, maybe in 50 years but you probably want to get there sooner than that. :)

That's why we designed our Group Coaching Intensive Program to be the ultimate training for Influencers and Creators who are serious about their business and want to take it to the next level.

It's the perfect combination of pre-recorded course materials PLUS 4 weeks of LIVE Group Coaching Sessions so by the end of the program you'll have lightbulb moments, clarity, a solid strategy and your business will be on ANOTHER LEVEL.

We've helped thousands of influencers and creators figure out their niche, how to stand out in this industry, monetize their business and reach goals they never even thought possible...and we want to help you too!

If you're looking for strategies that work, results and a community of people that can help you LEVEL UP, you've come to right place.

DISCLAIMER: What we are NOT here to do is promise you "Insta-Fame" or sell you a "6 Figure Business" pipe dream because we don't have a magic wand (no one does) and any truly successful person will tell you that it takes dedication, hard work and a solid strategy to make your dreams come true. So if you are serious about your business, have a do whatever it takes attitude, and are a self proclaimed hustler then see you in Group Coaching!

We're going to help you...

  • Define your niche once and for all!
  • Develop a solid content strategy that will give you enough content ideas for the whole year.
  • Understand the different ways (there are a lot) you can monetize in this industry.
  • Find your tribe - you can't do this alone, and our global community of influencers and creators are here to help.
  • Plus soooo much more!


"I feel that joining the Group Coaching was the best investment I made in 2020. Nina and Clairesse not only provided valuable information, they actually took time to give feedback on our work and answered ALL of our questions. This is something you'll never get by taking a course or participating in a seminar. Nina and Clairesse gave me the clarity and guidance I needed in my business, and within a month, I made my investment back. And don't even get me started on the Sidewalker Daily Community, I met the most inspiring, creative people during our calls!"

- Claudia (Romania)

"I absolutely LOVE Sidewalker Daily and would recommend the group coaching program to anyone who's looking to level up in their biz. What I love most about working with Nina and Clairesse is their passion and commitment to really helping everyone in the group succeed. Even though it's a group program, they really do their best to go above and beyond to give everyone support. I loved the program so much I signed up for two group coaching sessions! I couldn't get enough of these ladies and the amazing community they put together. Thank you ladies for everything!"

- Ebonee (USA) 

"Sidewalker Daily's group coaching for creators program has been a game-changer for my business. The guidance, ideas, strategy, support, accountability, and networking opportunities is exactly what my brand was missing. The work I have done with the Sidewalker group has helped me get clarity, create goals, take action, make moves, and GROW my business. When they told me I needed to niche down, I said, "I know, I know ..." and they were like, "No, really," and they helped me get out of my own way to bring my brand vision to life -- to clearly reflect my expertise and service offerings. The time I have spent with Sidewalker (now finishing up my second four-week program) has been invaluable and driven measurable business results. I look forward to continuing my work with them and I'm positive that anybody who invests in themselves by signing up for Sidewalker coaching will feel the same way I did -- like they really should have charged me more!"

- Ryan-Ashley (USA)

"Sidewalker Daily has been the best investment I could have made for myself, my brand and my business. As a content creator and alum of their group coaching program, I have gained an endless amount of tools that I continue to use on a day to day basis from pitching to brands and formally submitting a proposal to getting on a phone call with the marketing director at a resort property. The supportive community is unlike no other I’ve ever been part of. Nina and Clairesse are both heavily invested in your growth and goals from start to finish and continue to remain so. There’s a saying, you only get out what you put into it. I decided to invest a lot of my time into this program ultimately knowing both Nina’s and Clairesse’s wealth of knowledge would eventually help me get to that next level. From one creator to another, if you’re looking to take that next step, look no further"

- Miguel (USA)

Learn From Influencer Industry Experts

We work on both sides of the Influencer Industry!

We're so excited to teach you everything you need to know when it comes to setting up your strategy as an Influencer and Creator. Many of our clients call us their SECRET WEAPON because we work on both sides of the Influencer Industry so know EXACTLY what it takes to build a successful business in this industry, land brand partnerships and most importantly MAKE MONEY.

On one hand, we work with brands on their influencer campaigns and strategic partnerships, while on the other, we work directly with influencers and content creators to help them build their businesses. We've managed HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLAR PLUS Influencer Marketing Campaigns so we have insider knowledge on what it really takes to STAND OUT and find success in this industry.

We work with influencers and creators at all levels and in all niches and can't wait to let you in on all our secrets! Get ready to learn SO MUCH valuable information during this Group Coaching Program and start making MOVES to design the life of your dreams!

Join Group Coaching Now

The Group Coaching Intensive Program is led by our co-founders, Nina Zadeh, MBA and Clairesse Brogoitti, J.D.


and now we want to teach you everything we know!

What We Cover In The Group Coaching Intensive Program

Why keep guessing and getting the same results?! We've worked with hundreds of creators and through our tested process, we’ll help you find clarity in what you need and maximize your efforts from beginning to end!


Week 1: Niching Down & Content Creation Strategy

Let's face it - you NEED a niche. Not only will your niche give your audience clarity, it will give you clarity as well! We'll also teach you how to create VALUABLE posts that will keep your audience coming back for more!

Session Date: Saturday, July 10th at 1pm EST


Week 2: Growth & Engagement

Instagram Engagement in the gutter? Not to worry, we'll go over how to increase engagement (and growth) and build an audience that actually WANTS to hear from you!

Session Date: Saturday, July 17th at 1pm EST


Week 3: Monetization

Likes and comments don't pay the bills - so we need to get creative! We'll cover all the different ways you can begin to MONETIZE your influence, outside of just working with brands. Let's get you in a making money mindset!

Session Date: Saturday, July 24th at 1pm EST


Week 4: Networking & Feedback

You've learned a bunch and now it's time to share with your group and get real time feedback on all your questions. We want to make sure you have a solid business strategy in place and know your next moves.

Session Date: Saturday, July 31st at 1pm EST

Group Coaching Program Materials

Over $361 Worth Of Online Course Materials Included In Enrollment

Not only will you get 4 live Group Coaching Sessions, you'll also get access to these pre-recorded course materials throughout the program!

Niching Down & Content Planning Decoded Course

In this 2+ hour video training, you'll finally understand how to clearly define your niche, plan out your content strategy and define your "ideal follower"!

VALUE: $117

Instagram Engagement Accelerator Course

You spend so much time creating content, now lets work on increasing that engagement and finding ways to build a loyal following!

VALUE: $147

Monetization Mindset Course

This course is going to give you a birds eye view of all the different ways you could be monetizing your Influencer & Creator business - be prepared to have some serious lightbulb moments!

VALUE: $97

Self Study Courses + Live Sessions = A Creator's Dream Program


If you enroll today you'll get access to over $560 worth of BONUSES during the 4 Week Group Coaching Intensive


Get access to Office Hours during the four week Group Coaching Intensive Program where you can email in any question you have about your business during Office Hours and get personalized responses from our team!

VALUE: $247


Let's keep the party going 24/7 via our private WhatsApp Group where you can ask fellow classmates questions, network, share stories and so much more!

VALUE: Priceless ($197)


Network with other creators outside of your specific class! Whether it's networking with creators or attending guest speaker calls with industry insiders, you'll LOVE all these events that will help you find your tribe!

VALUE: $120


Hurry! There are limited spots available for the upcoming session and enrollment closes on June 27th at midnight!


Hear What Group Coaching Students Have To Say!


We're Nina and Clairesse, the co-founders of Sidewalker Daily and soon to be the reason you were able to take your business to the next level! We have a passion for teaching, sharing all of our knowledge that we've collected over the years and helping our clients get results! Just to show off a bit, we've helped our clients (both brands and creators) land partnerships with major companies such as Revolve, Four Seasons, Whole Foods Markets, Escada, Lord & Taylor, Drybar and Contiki Tours, and too many more to list.

Since we work with brands on their social media and influencer marketing campaigns, and also work with influencers and creators to turn their social media influence into legit businesses, we know what it takes to have success in this industry and are the perfect team to support you every step of the way! While we both can do anything and everything under the sun, get to know a little more about us below.


Clairesse, The WIZARD OF OZ

Nina here! I have the nickname as the "mad scientist" because I love to generate big ideas (as crazy as they may sound) and watch as they come alive and blow our clients minds! Pitching and landing partnerships is my all time favorite thing to do. I also love public speaking, so you may catch me on a panel at a conference or chatting about all things social media on our YouTube channel!

Before starting Sidewalker Daily, I was a celebrity stylist and worked with huge celebrities to grow their fashion brands. I also founded a fashion e-commerce business and produced big budget fashion shows for NYC fashion week! As you may be catching on, creativity runs thick so I'm always here to brainstorm and really get those creative ideas flowing so you can stand out from the crowd!

Lastly, because I paid so much for it, it's probably important that I share with you that I received my MBA in Marketing from Fordham University in New York City and I have a B.A. in Economics and Communications from Boston College.

Fun fact: I grew up between the Bahamas, France, Miami and Dubai and speak four languages (BOOM!)

Clairesse here! My nickname is the "Wizard of Oz" because I work my magic from behind the scenes and make businesses come to life! I love producing campaigns and figuring things out that seem impossible...because nothing really is! You'll never find me in the spotlight because I leave that to Nina. Instead, I manage our company, brand, and negotiate all our deals!

Prior to Sidewalker Daily, I was a lawyer - which I know is totally boring but trust me, it definitely comes in handy! I also founded a cosmetic start-up company based around the interchangeable makeup compact I invented and have a US Patent on. As you can tell, I love building things and thinking 20 steps ahead so you'll always be in good hands because I've thought of it all!

Since I know how much street cred matters in business, then you should probably know I graduated from Boston College with a B.A. in Communications and Sociology and received my law degree from Pepperdine School of Law, specializing in Entrepreneurship.

Fun fact: I grew up in a pineapple field on a volcano in Hawaii and live between Los Angeles, Miami and Rome!

During the Sidewalker Daily group coaching classes, I learned valuable and practical information that I was able to apply to my travel blog, The Trav Nav. Nina and Clairesse go the extra mile to provide constructive feedback and take the time to answer questions personally. The Sidewalker Daily team wants you to succeed and goes out of their way to help and inspire you. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grow your business too!

- Michelle (USA)


When are the live calls?

The live calls are on Zoom and will take place on Saturday's at 1pm EST (July 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st). They are video calls and you will love meeting your coaches and other creators!

Do I get lifetime access to the course materials?

Yes! We developed the program so that you have access to the materials for the lifetime of the course and you can refer back to them even after the Group Coaching Intensive Program concludes.

What is the format of the Group Coaching Intensive Program?

You will have weekly assignments to review certain materials BEFORE the live calls and the Course Materials will be released weekly following the course schedule. The live Group Coaching calls are designed for you to ask any questions about the materials, your particular situation, or even listen and learn from what your fellow influencers and creators have to say too!

How long do I get access to the bonuses?

You will have access to the bonus Office Hours, Networking Events and WhatsApp group for the 4 week program - from July 10th, 2021 through July 31st, 2021.


Don't just take it from us! Our Group Coaching Intensive clients have something to tell you about the Program and working with Sidewalker Daily!

Before Sidewalker Daily, I felt lost about direction as a new creator. I knew I wanted to pursue family travel, but had so many ideas that in turn paralyzed me into taking next steps. I remember *almost* hitting the register button for group coaching but had to DM them one question first: is it better for me to wait? Being newer to the industry, I didn't want to feel behind or out of place with other creators but at the same time I craved community, accountability and direction. I loved hearing that this group is for EVERYONE - at any stage! It is all about strategy and community - it has delivered that 1000%. I feel safe bringing my ideas and receiving feedback. My confidence level has grown exponentially and my strategy to work with brands is refined. Overall though, the whole Sidewalker Daily community has felt like a family and been the biggest game changer!

- Jonelli (USA)

Sidewalker Daily is exactly what I knew I needed! When I first decided to embark on my journey as a social media influencer and creator, I had NO CLUE what I was doing. I also felt very alone in the social media world, because none of my family or friends were influencers or had any aspirations on becoming one. I found Sidewalker Daily on Youtube and found them to be a breath of fresh air. Finally, someone that wasn't just talking the talk, but also was walking the walk. I especially liked the fact that they were experienced in the influencer world from all different angles- very rare to find. Eventually, I would sign up for the program and complete all the levels of their coaching program. The coaching program has provided me the tools and confidence to strengthen my online community, secure my very first collaboration with a big brand, as well as provide me with a creator community I have longed for years ago. I highly recommend Sidewalker Daily to any creator-small or large!

- Shanai (USA)

I can't thank the Sidewalker Daily team enough for imparting so much valuable industry knowledge and business strategies. They have given me the clarity I needed to work through areas I have been struggling with, and also opened my eyes to ideas and opportunities that have never even crossed my mind! The group coaching session was also a great way to meet other inspiring creatives. We were able to give support, provide peer reviews, and generate an all-round inclusive and uplifting environment to learn from one another.

- Isabel (England)

Group coaching changed everything. Aside from just helpful tips and info I’d previously seen, now I was able to get tips and advice tailored specifically to me and my BRAND. See, before coaching, I would’ve been hesitant to even call it a, “brand.” But that’s absolutely what I have......A WHOLE BRAND! And these coaching sessions helped me realize that! [...] Bottom line, this will be the most worthwhile investment you will make IF you truly want to grow and monetize your brand.

- Jill (USA) 

I can't recommend Sidewalker Daily enough! Not only do you get valued information about monetizing your brand, pitching strategies, building your portfolio and SO much more but the community behind it is incredible! Honestly so amazing, thank you :)

- Simone (Australia)

"I enjoyed being a part of a creative and engaging community. It was so fun getting to meet others that are in the same boat as you. Sidewalker Daily really does know how to pitch ideas and give advice to their clients. I learned so much from Nina and Clairesse. I definitely recommend to anyone who wants to start monetizing their passion into a business."

- Alondra (USA)

"These two ladies bring the vibrancy, professionalism and sincerity that I have been looking for, but haven't yet found in a coach. They both have immediately welcoming personalities and are so keen to share their knowledge and get you where you need to be that their excitement is infectious."

- Emily (Canada)

"Being part of the Sidewalker Daily coaching calls was so much fun! Clairesse and Nina have so much heart for helping out creators and influencers. It's great connecting with industry experts who know how to navigate the social media landscape but can also make it an enjoyable environment for us!"

- Serica (Phillipines)

"I have been following and learning online from this amazing team for months. When I saw the opportunity of participating in this group, I grabbed it with all my heart. The work etiquette of these lades is sensational and the amount of valuable information they provide is simply perfect!! I have been applying what I learn with them in my day to day blog activities and it's working. It is definitely worth every penny."

- Wendy (USA)

Nina & Clairesse are so passionate about helping influencers and content creators like myself monetize their business. I learned different ways to monetize my blog, how to create a media kit, how to pitch myself and so much more. I recommend Sidewalker Daily to anyone who's looking to take their business to the next level.

- Yaritza (USA)

I am extremely happy that Sidewalker made an online course where we get to see our mentors talk for real! They touched on so many interesting topics, gave us feed back and guided each of the members about their next steps! I’ve been following them on Youtube and on their facebook group for two years now and love them so much! I’ve been blessed to connect and become friends with fellow bloggers in the travel community around the world! It was such wonderful experience that I will certainly take with me wherever I go!

- Aman (Canada)

[...] The team at Sidewalker know their stuff. They guide us and provide a light on a journey that we often get lost in the forest of noise, self doubt and imposter syndrome. And in all honesty, you need to put in the work. This requires you to up your game, NETWORK, learn from other like minded individuals (COMMUNITY) and you'll be provided with knowledge and insights to take your business/hobby/sidehustle into the next realm. The question is are you ready to put in the work and join us on a rewarding journey? I know I am... In the end, you will learn lot about the business of branding, marketing, how to pitch, social media dos and don'ts and A WHOLE LOT ABOUT YOURSELF...

- Jupiter (France)

"Nina + Clairesse are excellent at cultivating an environment for you to thrive IF you want it! It's not fluff, you have to do the work, and execute, but they have all the tools to teach you how to put one foot in front of the other. There is accountability, but no pressure, the help is there for you to leverage. The thing I love most about my experience is transparency. You get to connect with real people who are having the same challenges as you, and all the guest speakers are TOP NOTCH!"

- Tyeana (USA)

"As a brand new content creator, Sidewalker Daily has been such a valuable resource! From learning about how to find your niche, different monetization methods, and influencer strategies, Sidewalker Daily covers it all. The best part of working with Sidewalker Daily is the support and connections made with others in the group coaching class!"

- Erin (USA)


Enrollment Closes on Sunday, June 27th at Midnight!




  • Group Coaching Live Session on Saturday, July 10th at 1pm EST
  • Group Coaching Live Session on Saturday, July 17th at 1pm EST
  • Group Coaching Live Session on Saturday, July 24th at 1pm EST
  • Group Coaching Live Session on Saturday, July 31st at 1pm EST
  • COURSE MATERIAL: Insta/Authentic: Instagram Engagement Accelerator Course ($147 Value)
  • COURSE MATERIAL: Niching Down & Content Planning Decoded Course ($117 Value)
  • COURSE MATERIAL: Monetization Mindset Course ($97 Value)
  • BONUS: Access to 3 "Office Hours" sessions ($247 Value)
  • BONUS: Access to 4 Networking Events ($120 Value)
  • BONUS: Access to WhatsApp Group ($197 Value)




  • Group Coaching Live Session on Saturday, July 10th at 1pm EST
  • Group Coaching Live Session on Saturday, July 17th at 1pm EST
  • Group Coaching Live Session on Saturday, July 24th at 1pm EST
  • Group Coaching Live Session on Saturday, July 31st at 1pm EST
  • COURSE MATERIAL: Insta/Authentic: Instagram Engagement Accelerator Course ($147 Value)
  • COURSE MATERIAL: Niching Down & Content Planning Decoded Course ($117 Value)
  • COURSE MATERIAL: Monetization Mindset Course ($97 Value)
  • BONUS: Access to 3 "Office Hours" sessions ($247 Value)
  • BONUS: Access to 4 Networking Events ($120 Value)
  • BONUS: Access to WhatsApp Group ($197 Value)

Still have questions about the program?

Email and we will get back to you ASAP!